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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Pastor Jamal Bryant announced yesterday that he’s running for US Congressman. Would you vote for him? @92qjamsbmore


Vonnie Fatz Long Good morning Dre. Well since this year’s political race has been a comedy show, why not.

MrTerrence Teel Why not he has just as much scandal as any other politician.. There are a few idiot followers

Rashawn Shakur Thompson No chance in hell

Cristal OnAir No No and F**k NO

Kevin Boardley Probably not

Drew Drew Congress No…Baltimore’s Best Pimp?…Yes!!!!

Bridget Harris To be honest, I truly don’t think so!

Patricia Ray No disrespect but no!

Erica T Smith No not if you paid me

Latia Watkins Not

Toiya Best Hell no, he needs to stay with what he knows and being in Congress isn’t it. He’s nothing but an attention seeker.

Tonia Smothers No!!

Tyra Harris Elections have truly turned into a comedy showcase ..might as well vote one more person with a lot of jokes in office .. it just keeps getting worse.smh

Latisha Crowder NOPE

Chereese Barrett  Won’t he continue to pimp I mean preach….. 😐😐

t_lady_ No @92qjamsbmore

bigdro_tagmg Ummm.. nah

baltimore_jay F**k no

edaddy206 No. He’s an opportunist. Always in the spotlight when something goes wrong. When the dust settles he’s gone like the wind.

hunterisbizzy Guess the ppl speaking lol

desi4018 Ni**a please.. Got the church brainwashed smh

cupseycakesy No way..

permbethel Nope…

freshprince_27 Yes only because we need more African-Americans in congress but as a person I think he loves attention so smh

addicted2keke Never

shortandsexi Hell No!!! He’s a media whore!

brucemanors_kuntry Nah yo too thirsty

og_mac73 No. Just because you’re a pastor doesn’t mean you will make a good politician.

bfac_ceo_jay@drejohnson1 gm bro and i say naw yo doing too much lmao #early

bonafidediva No, he would have had a better chance at running for mayor but he had to be greedy… Never for Congress.

langleygirl3 Yes

from_thecitythat_reads No….he’s too flamboyant for me….too many things in his past would make them run him through the ringer….I’m not a fan of flashy churches either…..y’all building mega churches…where are the mega shelters? Or the mega gardens? Or the mega schools for our children?….all them tithes and offerings put into the church every Sunday and nothing coming back out into the community….no congressman Bryant for me…..

ericasmith74 No not at all …but I knew that was coming

murkskyhigh No

dbritt5 Hell no. He only shows up when the cameras are around

phillipe_jordan Lmao!!!! Is this a joke??

mz_boss88 Not in this lifetime

40gemini No, I don’t trust him as a pastor…surely running for Congress is a joke. Stick to your day job. which is already a gimmick.

blizz40 No Sir

Nika Watkins No

April Watts No diss to him but I take issue with men and women of the cloth seeking political office. You can’t serve two masters.

Coco Mikele He’ll to the naw naw naw

E Shemar Bolden absolutely NOT! I would vote a Bush as our Mayor first.

Pebbles Lewis This is not a show Dre Johnson, the entire time that he was on t.v., he knew that he was going to try to run for office. He’s not about Baltimore. He’s about his money and fashion. HELL NO! He would never get my vote.


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