The Mueller report is out and the White House is on pins and needles because they have real evidence that obstruction could have happened. The President’s people refused his orders when it came to the Mueller investigation. Source: Yahoo Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

The streak of celebrities running for office continues with talks of Kid Rock taking up a Senate seat.


During a recent interview, Ryan revealed Republicans will not tolerate another sit-in. The Republican Speaker of the House declined to give specific details as to how he intends to stop Democrats from staging another sit-in to protest gun control laws, but it appears he's serious.

For many, meeting the Pope is a once in a lifetime opportunity… stealing his glass of water and drinking out of it? Priceless. As he…


On Thursday, Pope Francis addressed a joint session of Congress as part of his first visit to the United States. During his prepared remarks to the…

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Pastor Jamal Bryant announced yesterday that he’s running for US Congressman. Would you vote for him? @92qjamsbmore Vonnie Fatz Long Good morning Dre. Well since this year’s political race has been a comedy show, why not. MrTerrence Teel Why not he has just as much scandal as any other politician.. There are a […]

Pastor Jamal Bryant will make a run for Congress representing the 7th Congressional District. Elijah Cummings currently sit in that seat and is considering running for the US Senate which will be free when Sen. Barbara Mikulski retires. Bryant who is Pastor of The Empowerment Temple in Baltimore issued this statement according to Fox 45 […]


On June 30th, the Export-Import Bank’s charter will expire if Congress refuses to act. House Republicans are in full swing to diminish Ex-Im bank’s ability…

 Unfortunately Republicans now have control over congress. So what does that mean for Black people? Well, Special K got the inside scoop on what they plan to…

  The Associated Press is reporting that a law enforcement official has proof that the NFL received the infamous elevator footage of Ray Rice knocking his fiance out on April 9, 2014. The official also stated that they have a 12 second voice mail message from an NFL office number,  confirming that the video arrived.  It’s unclear […]

President Obama announced to Congress on Wednesday (May 21) that 80 members of the US armed forces will be deployed to Chad to help find and return over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted from their boarding school last month by the militant Islamic group Boko Haram. Read more HERE  

Black History Month

You may not know Chaka Fattah but you should. Fattah has helped more than 25 million individuals through programs and initiatives he has created since…