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Freddie Gray

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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are your thoughts on the #FreddieGray trial being held in #Baltimore?


Chereese Barrett I have no problem with it but trust and believe those officers are not going to get any serious charges and what happened in April was nothing compared to whats going to happen. I pray and hope Baltimore is ready for it. Smh

Anetra Lawson It goin 2 b a hot mess, this city will never b the same!

MrTerrence Teel Absolutely!

Leslie Alston I would like the change of venue because the defense lawyers will use every tactic to get the Officers off. They will use that they are having an UNFAIR TRIAL and ask for a DISMISSAL OF ALL CHARGES. I don’t want any obstacles in the Defense way! If they are charged, I don’t want the Police Officers getting off with technicalities. I want the Police officers to get what they deserve.

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DjBunk Dodson It’s where it needs to be, but I hope for peace and justice for his family, also for his sister, who I personally know, but please Baltimore no more riots.

8704media The trial should be held here. The residents of the city elected Marilyn Mosby to do a job. Why disenfranchise the people by moving the trial out of Baltimore?

bfac_ceo_jay@drejohnson1 they already getting prepared for riots and stuff so they already know that them police gone get off smh #Pray4Baltimore

dave__da_great They are preparing for the riots because they are going to let them off.

nairobiperry I’m extremely discouraged about the whole thing. I think a lot takes place strategically to make black officials look badly. In turn we never get the justice we deserve because there is so much “politics” involved. Wherever the trial is held is irrelevant, it’s the final result we are concerned about. If they truly care about Baltimore and its people (which has been proven time and time again that they don’t) then justice will be served.

coreyharold He died in Baltimore so the trial should be in Baltimore.

nyshsmith I think justice should be served for all parties involved. If you did the crime you need to do the time. #PrayforBaltimore.

shernitayvette If the average person did a crime, was arrested in Baltimore, trail would be held right here. They(police officers) committed criminal acts here so they should be tried here. No Special Treatment.

bee_monroe_ I see a lot of ignorance in these comments, personally I believe no matter how much paperwork you have to fill out the jury will be completely biased if held in Baltimore. I’m against the decision.

Levette Williams It happened in Baltimore

Theloveof Jackie Thompson I say pack up and leave because we all know that they’re not going to be convicted and with that being said.. Baltimore is going down permanently!!!

Joi Lyles It should be in Baltimore it happen here we need justice not riots

Markel Green Justice. No riot

Robert Hill Good morning asking God to keep his holy hands on this case but we the people wants true justice and know riots please I need my job and we need our beautiful city Baltimore to progress for the better amen

Melonie Douglass Ismylife It happened here so y not have to here no riots

Quentin Hall Sr It happens here, keep it here, simple as that.

Kenny Wilkes Jr. All I’m saying is, the right choice better be made or history will repeat itself.

Joanna OnmyGrind Lewis It happened here it should stay here


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