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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Happy ‪#‎Friday‬! What are some of your social media pet peeves?


Cristal OnAir The person lurking on your page just to disagree with ANYTHING YOU SAY….

Tavon Davis 1. Thoting

2. Stunting

3. Facebook peepers ppl that watch every status …

Cristal OnAir The chick who gotta new Bae every 2 weeks….Week 1) I love me some him #MyBaeIsTheBest 2) #FuckLove #TeamSingle 3) #NewLove #HeChangedMe LIKE HUH WHAT WAIT A SECOND I’M LOST

Leslie Alston Good morning! One of my social pet peeves is if I don’t ask for any nude or private pictures from you, please do not send them. I am a Business Owner. I get tired of men and women sending me their private pictures. But, the stupid reason they give me why they do it is because my facial expression says come fuck me. I think that is so STUPID. Are you serious? Anyway, have a nice weekend.

Cristal OnAir The people who watch your page but never like anything then comment when you see them…..

JaylenWauren Johnson 1. How some networks completely ignore & basically accept the ignorant & raciest fan comments posted on their social media post.

2. Folks who don’t think before they post….

Cristal OnAir The people who share stories and don’t read the story FIRST

Vonnie Fatz Long Good morning Dre…. dudes posting too many selfies with their head cock to the side.


Sharbett Morton Gm stop taking selfies every 15 minutes and posting your every move every 5 minutes so dam annoying..

Pebbles Lewis When people call you on Facebook and they don’t even know you personally.

Nina TakingCharge Zamora When a male inboxes me a pic of his private parts.

Aaliyahs Page SELFIES!!! ughhhh im so SICK and tired of seein GROWN ppl post selfies ALL damn day and some of yall ain’t even CUTE and need NOT be postin pics anyway.

Terrence Boone Not to be putting your relationship problems on fb, and also posting pics of money and cars that you don’t have in real life

Anita Crockett People who post their relationship problems and issues!

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden People that post 10000 times a freakin day–geesh! Gm Dre!

lovingmelovingyou I can’t stand when people say sorry for your lost when it’s sorry for your loss.

whthershey209 I hate when someone post everything they did. Took a shower did laundry ate breakfast. NO ONE CARES!

justk Cussing and posting persona things about someone you’re fighting with. Just pick up the phone and call or text that person. No! Call them!

og_mac73 When someone post pictures of some nasty looking food, lol

datguyry Incorrect grammar! Bragging.

louxurr Too damn many. How about people trying their hardest to get thousands of followers just to say they’re “insta-famous” foh

kuppykake1965 Adults who Post for likes…….like how Old are you?? and ppl who Only post when their on trips, Like chilling in Miami right now, lol!! But you Never see them post anything else!!

eboni_vs_ebo World Star fights…..stop celebrating mess!!

eboni_vs_ebo Ppl who posts more turn up, club pictures and none of them helping their child with homework!

east25th_ Ppl begging for likes and followers I hate it

callmetrubmoravenfan I don’t like when people post hospital pics unless you’re having a baby it’s not cool

travj82 Filtered photos they are liezzzzz 😂😂😂

cggcllc Females who act so depressed and every post is “I don’t need no man to make me happy”, or “I need a man” or Fake friends this and that everyday! Stop whining you lonely clown and get a hobby!


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