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Baltimore Trash

Source: Dre Johnson / Dre Johnson

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Should the city bring back the twice a week trash collection? Do you think it would curve the trash problems in Baltimore?



Cornetta Kelly Yes

Juanita Genia Finney Yes…its looks like a dump once you pass Federal hill and Fells point (canton)

Tabby McKoy Heck yea all these rats in these 4 bye 4 ‘s is shameful.

Tracy Featherstone Yes, the rats r out

Kevin Boardley Yes but I live in Essex my trash day is every Tuesday

JaylenWauren Johnson No! Don’t be lazy! I know trash can sometimes become overwhelming but citizens need to take the initiative to get up and go to dumpsters instead of throwing trash on the sidewalk on a Monday when trash day is until Thursday.

MrTerrence Teel I have been writing city officials on at least 3 to 4 times per month , they only come out when you complain. It’s sad and filthy.

Sharbett Morton Gm yes it would cut down on the rats running around and trash should be twice a week. The city is looking and smelling terrible

Meka Too-Cute Yes! Trash brings rats and raccoons… this city has become a big garbage can

SweetasCaramel Anderson Yes. Immediately..

Dorethea Stepney Taylor They do have 2 days of trash collection, one is recycle. I only see about 3 people on my block including myself that use the recycle day. People might use the recycle day if the city issues recycle bins. I live on the dirtiest block in Baltimore city and I am constantly sweeping the block and putting trash cans out for public use. I’m tired of the trash and ready to move.

JaylenWauren Johnson Citizens need to take some responsibility….stop expecting the to Clean trash you throw out your car windows and on your sidewalks…I don’t support laziness …

Shawna Purpose Driven Cheatham Yes Indeed !

Toairay Tee Tee Tuggle-Lewis If people recycled then there would be less trash accumulated on the regular trash days. The city needs to get out and start giving citations. Trifling people won’t buy a trash cans.

Ebony Conyers Yes

Tokyo Jo Yes

Meshe Bino Yes they should and the lazy comments are uncalled for especially when discarded items on the street are picked up and thrown away only to fall back out when placed in trash cans on Sunday but not collected until Friday. My neighborhood in East Baltimore isn’t as dirty as some claim but it’s made worse with piled garbage on over flowing trash cans.

Regina BabyG’Still Here Green Straight up Hell yeah

Nicole Love Yes

AnothermansTreasure Bateman In reality it wouldn’t make a difference nor change anything, people will still litter, rats will still roam, drains will still clog and streets will still flood. People are too lazy to recycle or throw away trash and the city needs to replace these plastic cans with aluminum because these rats are vultures eating through plastic. Keeping this city and our community clean is team work everyone must cooperate.

Marvis J Abdullah Yes

Dre Johnson We as citizens of Baltimore and city government must do better together to clean this town up. I’ve never seen Baltimore this dirty!

Raymond Brice Yes

Charles Ellis Citizens need to clean up first…there was a time when neighborhoods took pride in looking clean every week

Tee Denton Yes

Stanyan Anthony Blue Of course along with mandatory recycling. . We can’t ask the state to keep the streets clean if we don’t tho. ..who remember Sunday neighborhood clean up back in like 89 -91??

Nina TakingCharge Zamora It should come back. Have you seen some of the corners in East Baltimore. It’s very unattractive to see trash thrown all over the alley’s, curbs and corners.

Antoine Campbell Yes

Yes most definitely! Because it’s very lazy how they only come once a week and they don’t pick up bags that are “too heavy” or whatever the case may be. They are getting paid for what they do and if they come twice a week that is their money’s worth. Let’s keep Baltimore clean!

babygirl7275@drejohnson1 absolutely! You’re inviting more rodents & odors. It’s embarrassing!

bigmarco711@drejohnson1 It won’t help on Lakewood & Monument cause they wait 10 minutes after the trash man leave to throw trash in the alley.

blissfulibra As a former housing inspector dumping trash was an issue when it was 2 trash days. There could be 10 trash days a people would still dump trash at vacant properties and lots. To correct this problem, the Dept of Public Works, which is who is responsible for cleaning up dumped trash needs to be restructured. They have no set plan of action to get it done. They just pick a pile of work orders and hit the street. There’s no organization so the trash problem on the dumping end won’t be fixed. This photo is not a trash pick up issue its a dumping trash issues which is a different problem.

jpslater1983 They definitely need that twice of week back . but people need to care more about our city man.

kuppykake1965 #Yes Lort @drejohnson1, my daughter and I was just talking abt this yest. Rats around East Baltimore act like their @ Cactus Willies it’s so Much #Trash around here!! smdh!!

kuppykake1965 and it can also be curved if ppl STOP PUTT’N THEIR TRASH OUT BEFORE THE TRASH DAY!!! But ppl dn’t want Trash piled up in their Yards Either!!

bmoreliketiff I don’t think we need additional trash days….. more people should take advantage of the recycle day!!! I have not had an overflow of trash since they went to one day a week….


iamdjbunk@drejohnson1 if sheila Or Stephanie want to be the next mayor they better bring back our trash day, this city is too big for one day trash, east Baltimore look like Jamaica, the part that’s not seen on TV

bmoreliketiff My recycle can is full every week…. the new trash cans that are city issued are larger and have a lid…. the trash problem is on the people of the city not the city!!

hillaryclayton I think that we need a better recycling program and more service opportunities for kids to clean up and see the potential in their neighborhoods! I’m a high school teacher and i know that cleaning up helped my kids be more aware of their own actions and take action.

krispyinbmore Absolutely. Piles of trash are huge eyesores for communities and create a stigma of neglect. The city needs to step up their efforts and encourage community groups to help out if we want to keep our communities clean!

flawless_leo79@drejohnson1 I do not think that adding the trash day back will make a difference. From what I have seen, the city will only match the community concern and interest in their community. If the community begins to take pride in their communities the City will follow up.

mylifemypicz Baltimore is a nasty ass city. If you can’t clean the trash how can you afford to have programs for the youth?

tjbb427 I think people need to stop eating bags of chips or bottles of soda and throwing them on the street. I just don’t understand why people do that. You look like a lazy fck ..pick up your damn trash

mrsreid79 Yes the city do need to bring back the twice a week trash pick up. That will bring down the rodent problem. Who came up with the once a week trash pick up anyway?

foxytbaby_ Nope!!! The only thing that will change this shitty ass trash problem is if people start to take some pride in where they live. You can’t sit on the steps and throw chicken bones and trash in the gutter. You can’t put your trash out on Monday if trash day isn’t until Thursday. The rats will tear it up. It’s like people are ok living in squalor


City Hasn’t Picked Up Trash In Some Neighborhoods For Over 2 Weeks



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