Pleasure P. In Chicago

Source: Raymond Boyd / Getty

With sooo much going on in the world according to Tyga, that seems to be spiraling out of control.  Guess who done broke they piggy bank to add their 2 cents in this travesty “allegedly” involving NUDE photos and sexting messages between Tyga with a transgender male.  Well former Pretty Ricky member, boyfriend number 2 singer, Pleasure P, got the stones he threw are being thrown right back him.  He has since deleted his posts.  But word is the children of the corn went UP in his comment section after he posted THIS!!  People were calling him out for once being in the media for being involved in a child molestation case.  Calling him all sorts of slanderous names.  The one that stuck out the most was, Pleasure Pedophile.  It’s just best if you have a messy pass, just stay seated and prayed up that you aren’t in the media.  The comment sections of many blogs and social sites are BRUTAL!!

**Please be advised that the link contains some explicit language aka CUSSING by Pleasure P.  But the comment sections of a few social media sites are where you can see the name calling and slander that was geared toward Pleasure P.  Do you remember these allegations he was facing not long ago?? CLICK HERE NOW to see what Straight From the A reported in 2009.


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