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Abby gets her entire life handed to her by the agents who orchestrated Frankie Vargas' assassination.

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Huck convinces Olivia not to kill her father as he tries to get to the bottom of Frankie Vargas's death, and who Rowan is working for.

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Olivia scrambles to figure out who really orchestrated the assassination of the president elect of the United States.

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After several grueling months of waiting for the official return of ABC’s TGIT line-up, fans were dealt another blow today when it was announced that Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder would not be returning on their scheduled January 19 date, but instead all three have been pushed back an additional […]

#TGIT Crew, I have some sad news for you. As we were getting our snacks, red wine and whatever else we need for the return of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Scandal’ and ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ on January 19th, we will have to wait one more week. Due to some pre-Inaugural special that 20/20 is […]

THR put together a dope roundtable full of working actresses and had a candid conversation about sexism in the industry and more.

This was taking things way too far. If her husband had any sense he should leave her and let her get plumbed by the plumber. Some of the footage in this video may be offensive to some viewers. Please watch with caution.   source 

Ironically, the expectant star made the announcement in a video posted to her Instagram page.

Gladiators…….it’s time to be sad. Next season of ABC’s ‘Scandal’, has just got cut. According to the site, the network and Shonda Rhimes has decided to cut the season from 22 episodes down to 16. The reason for the cut is because Kerry Washington is pregnant. Congratulations!

We wish all of Columbus Short's issues could be resolved in an hour episode of "Scandal". Reportedly, the actor violated a condition of his three year parole having tested positive for cocaine and marijuana.

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Olivia acts out of character after flashbacks of her kidnapping take her over the edge.