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Cosby in 2013

Source: Paul Morigi / Getty

Well the inevitable has finally happened, and now we are obligated to award William H. Cosby with the BBAGIT award.  With so much surrounding the allegations of him drugging women in the 70s with Qualuude, to some saying they were raped in the 90s.  Mr. Cosby, we present you this award because the tip of the iceberg is now a Disney spokesman has confirmed they are removing the Bill Cosby statue from the World Resort in Florida.

I don’t know if the upset from people now is because we invested so much into the Cosby show believing they were America’s Favorite Family.  The Jell-O pudding pops we consumed as if they would make us closer to meeting Bill.  Watching Fat Albert, Little Bill, and always supporting him and his endeavors which helped to make Bill’s fortune to amass well over $400 million.  A lot of celebs and fans are distraught and hurt over all of this.  This is just sad.  BUT he still gets the award, even though his whole legacy has been tarnished after his admission in 2005.  WOW!!  LOOK AT THE STATUE THEY TAKING DOWN AT DISNEY HERE!! (courtesy of Yahoo News)


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