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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬… What are some things you never do on a 1st date?


Mekea Shanea Kiss on the mouth, have sex, ride in the same car with the date, give out my address, and more! Besides, its 2015 and folks are genuinely crazy in this century. smile emoticon

Mercedes Rogers Talk about The subject of criminal records.

Lakendra Schwendig Talk about your ex, invite a man into my home, or go to his home

Latisha Crowder Talk about my personal life

Tabby McKoy Cook for him

Mercedes Rogers Mouth touch

Vonnie Fatz Long Show your bipolar side, wait till your married. Good morning Dre

Sassybutclassy Nik Nik Over do it….dont spend too much

Busta Love Never stick your fork in my plate

E Shemar Bolden We will never go inside of each other homes. We will meet somewhere mutual.

Kevin Boardley Never asked for sex or talk about your girl friend or boyfriend

whthershey209 Never bring up the ex and never have sex on the first date. Once they get the cookie they feel like they got u. Put u in a whole other category.

von_ovawest Never let the woman pay on the first date

loyal_nik Never ever ever talk about being with that person forever. That’s a turn off you don’t even know me yet😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

grandman1126 As a guy… NEVER let her pick the restaurant… pick something that YOU can afford so when the bill comes YOU pay… #MANup

daonlyzim Never spend the first date (or any date) on your phone shows lack of interest and it’s rude lol

prettyteefus Give your real name. Use your club alias “Spencer Dickinsin”, “Black Carrington”, or “Man Man”

forever_tre20 Never show up late!!!

successful_tony U should never be texting on the phone while on a date especially the first one

arciusjr Tell them how much money you make

recklysssbeauty_mua Ask to borrow money

trecklysssbeauty_mua Talk about your current court cases

at_msmurriardh 1- don’t be late and if you must 2- do call in advance to notify the person you’re meeting that you’ll be late and apologize #DosAndDonts

mrnycewatch Respect her!


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