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Dre’s #Breakfastbite.. Have you ever experienced on-line dating? If so, what are the pros & cons? #92qjams @92qjamsbmore


ur_kryptonite7 Yeah Pros: opens the door to meet a lot of people. . cons: guys lie and make themselves out to be someone they are not. It’s also a bunch of dudes just looking to get it in not date

desi4018 No epic story for your children, made us lazy, pix be from back in high school, creeps, catfishing

cmp_66 Con: when she looks like Sanaa Lathan in her profile pic. But u get to the date and she looks more like Charles Barkley

daunshay I agree with @ur_kryptonite7

gpc_life I actually met my husband through an online dating website but before him I had to sift through the men cheating on their BM’s, the male thots and catfishes!!!!

dark_ness1244 @drejohnson1 😳 helllllll NO! Catfish is real disease lol Times have changed and these websites are come ups for men and creatures lol ijs #💯

_heartless_tee Pros: Meeting new ppl and some good conversations. Cons: The lies some of them tell… Majority of them be frauds.

Nina TakingCharge Zamora I met my husband on facebook and i am so happy to be with him. Ihe pros are you might meet that special someone and the cons is you might just get a nut case.

Cornell Willis I have. I have had great success and miserable failure, but the secret is patience.. Online dating can work.

Toiya Best I met my s/o on fb and I’m so happy that we are together. Online dating does work you just have to make sure you really get to know that person and as Cornell said you have to have patience. Gm Dre!!!!

DeeDee Bryan Hell no…i look at all of them as being suspect…

Margie Wise-Matthews Getting married soon. We met on a dating site.


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