Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬… What are some things you never do on a 1st date? @DreJohnson1 talk about your ex — Nine 7 Entertainment (@NINE7ENT) June 23, 2015   Mekea Shanea Kiss on the mouth, have sex, ride in the same car with the date, give out my address, and more! Besides, its 2015 and folks are […]

Ever attend your office Halloween party and think to yourself, “did John really come to work dressing up as Borat?” and you work for a very conservative law firm? Yeah….that might happen. So how about I save you and your co-worker’s from the embarrassment at this year’s Halloween bash! Here are a few Do’s and […]

Im sure we all that that one friend or family member thats has no clue how to conduct themeselves during Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s a time to come together and be thankful not bash others or eat up all the greens before uncle Joe gets any.  Check out this list we created you may want to post […]

Sometimes guys trip up their own game with the ladies without even realizing it. Here’s a list of the most common dating mistakes guys make– so you can keep your game in check.