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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬.. The City Council is trying to push through the mayor’s veto and get body cameras on Baltimore Police Officers. What are your thoughts?

E Shemar Bolden In my opinion I believe it’s getting to the point where they need to wear body cams. If it does get approved, then there need to be specific instructions on usage and also logging all stops & arrest that correspond with the videos. Any deviations will result in some form of STRONG DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS up too and including termination. Videos must also be able to be used in court. Since Baltimore City Police like to have 10 cops at one situation, we should have 10 views of any situation.

Donnell Barnes I believe they should keep fighting because we see that officers lie and video can also be manipulated edited to look a certain way.

Dave Os Beatz Over 40 killings this month and people still worried about cameras on police?

MrTerrence Teel I don’t think it would be a ‘BAD” idea.

Nina TakingCharge Zamora I civilians cellphone would work just fine

henrygannett It would make police have to think twice before doing something stupid or racist because there would be video evidence💯

stangreenlive Why would the mayor even want to stand in the way of it? More republican hoopla…

henrygannett Maybe cause it’s expensive @stangreenlive but I think it’s worth it.

chinadol01 She stupid! I wish someone would have vetoed her being placed in office…… Where is Shelia Dixon I bet folks miss her

mr_fts @drejohnson1 Gm first off .. I believe they should get them, yet they only should cut on when they get out the vehicle for police duties not while they are in the patrol car having a convo with their spouse or such…they are still entitled to some privacy

mr_fts They will actually keep themselves & the public safe & hold each other account able for ones actions

successful_tony I don’t think the body cameras will solve anything there’s nothing stopping the officers from turning off… they can be caught on camera killing a African-American and still get away with it just look Eric Gardner case

corey1ravens52 @drejohnson1 no matter camera or not. Those cops stick together like gangs do. Those cameras will magically malfunction during anything in question and lost footage will be the excuse!!! Use that money to better train officers and get the mental help some need. And put the money in schools and stop building jails. !!!!

irock20pearlz I believe that the body cameras would be purposeful. It would also show some of the dumb actions of the citizens as well. At some point we have to know everything is not the police’s fault; this 43 murders in one month and 100+ shootings. The citizens are mutually responsible for death too.

thatchicbillie Of COURSE… All for the body cam, Police needed just as much for their protection. @drejohnson1


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