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Baltimore Riot Aftermath

Source: Tia Andrews, Radio One Baltimore / Tia Andrews, Radio One Baltimore

Have you ever wondered why so many Baltimoreans seem so mad, so aggressive, so uneasy so ready to pop off at any minute?

Well if you ask anyone that is actually from Baltimore, they will probably tell you that our dismay runs deeper than the recent death of Freddie Gray. I think for many people Freddie Gray’s face, his struggle, his story, and the horrific last images of him alive, barely able to stand, while screaming in pain, symbolize so much of what is wrong in this city.

In the latest article from Christopher Ingraham in the Washington Post, you’ll see that Baltimore’s inequality is the driving force behind that oh-so special B’more Rage!

The Ineguality of Life is so dramatic from one Baltimore town to the next it is astonishing. For example Roland Park is at the top of the list just below Japan but the Downtown/Seton Hall are is way down at the bottom just above Yemen. 

A recent study show’s that if you grew up in Cherry Hill, Sandtown, Pimlico, Park Heights or the Brooklyn area, your life expectancy is actually lower than North Korea‘s. Ps. North Korea is where you can get the death penalty just for learning about other cultures.

Even lower down on Life Expectancy list… is the war torn country, Syria and sadly the neighborhood I grew up in, Southwest Baltimore, is actually below that.  Other Baltimore towns suffering with a short life line and listed under Syria, are Greenmount East, Upton/ Druid Heights,  Madison/East End and the lowest Baltimore neighborhood on the list that is just above Yemen, is the Downtown/ Seton Hill Area.

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