North Korea

Ok by now you’ve been asking yourself the same question. What are they? What are they doing? Why are they just sitting there? Should I be worried? Well I found the answers! They are missile detectors and all they do is…. detect missiles lol. the MD’s scan the friendly skies from as far north as […]

Have you ever wondered why so many Baltimoreans seem so mad, so aggressive, so uneasy so ready to pop off at any minute? Well if you ask anyone that is actually from Baltimore, they will probably tell you that our dismay runs deeper than the recent death of Freddie Gray. I think for many people Freddie […]

After weeks of cyber threats made by underground terrorists claiming to ruin the US if the movie “The Interview“, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco is released, Sony execs decided that the movie will be released on a limited schedule to theaters on Christmas Day.   If you’re planning to check out the movie, BE CAREFUL! Here’s […]

Earlier we posted up the Mike Epps video, where he clowns Dennis Rodman.  Well soon after it surfaced we caught up with Dennis Rodman. We asked if he is clean these days and how he felt about Epps clowing him on youtube.  Rodman’s response is hilarious… not on purpose though.  Click the player below to […]

When it comes to foreign diplomacy, Dennis Rodman isn’t the first person you think of. However, the former basketball star is in North Korea with…

It was reported earlier that a suspicious letter was sent to President Obama.  The FBI has confirmed that both the letters sent to President Barack Obama and a Mississippi senator have tested positive for poisonous ricin and are both postmarked from Memphis, Tennessee.  It was also reported by a senator that the police have a […]

The United States Of America and South Korea are 100% sure that North Korea might just be ready to start a war. We all need to be ready and on notice that something is about to go down. PAY ATTENTION!! See More: North Korea Follow Me On Instagram & Twitter @Konan92Q   20 Things More […]