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Orioles Park At Camden Yards

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Dre’s #Breakfastbite.. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your love for the Orioles? 


mseyecandyyy 6

brandoniusthetall I’m a #Nats fan but I still have luv for the O’s….I’d say 8

babygirl7275 @drejohnson1 a 10! I’m loyal to my home teams all day everyday.

daddydiddatt 0

lisha_rajaslove 10! Even when everyone was sleeping on them!

dkwharton Man, if ur love for the O’s isnt on 10+, dont even answer on this post!!! I love my O’s!!! My love for them is a 10 on steroids!! #LoveDemBirds #BMore

bmoreredz 10 all day thats my squad!

kmateen42 0… Ready for football season

itsme_mskaybee34 I’m a 10 to the 10th power #OriolesMagicbabbbbbbyyyyy @drejohnson1

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden 10++ These dudes came a helluva longggg way and I ride with my teams #Orioles #Ravens Good morning Dre!!

Kevin Boardley Just like last year team better

Jermaine Townes Tha Home Team gets a 10….

Dominic Day Sr. Good morning Dre, I’m more of a football fan but the O’s get a 9, 10 iz reserved 4 the Ravens

Mekelle Mccormick Gm, I’ll give them a strong 9. Last season was good and I even watched a couple of the games. I feel like they can take it this year.

Deejaygains Bond 0, not into baseball. Although, I know they’re quite popular.

Patricia Ray Just starting to get in to baseball went to a few games last yr and they actually won each game! Id say about a five.


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