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10 O’clock Topic: what’s more challenging, raising a girl or raising a boy? Tell me why. ‪#‎YouSayWhat‬??


  • Anna Grace Even though the kids are still young, I feel we have to parent Lucas 2x more than the girls. He is always a challenge and is pressing his luck…so definitely a BOY!!
  • casaylux @justkikibrown as a parent of both they are both challenging it’s just difference challenges. But it all takes lots of love and a great village.
  • lastdodd Raising A Girl… Just Think As A Female What You Endured Growing Up Hormones, Menstrual Cycle, Developing Breast and Then Guys… They Will Talk You Out Of Panties and Right Decisions… They Bring The Babies Home.. Teaching Them To Have Self Respect And High Self Esteem and Protecting Them From Predators.. A Female Is More Challenging She Requires More Even On A Day To Day.. Hair Make Up & Sanitary Napkins.. Small Tykes Hair Balls Barrettes and Dresses ETC..
  • prettyeyed_nesh @justkikibrown as a single parent of 3boys I find it more challenging then my mother raising her 4 girls because as a mother I can only tell my boys what a man is supposed to look like,act like,etc bt I cannot show them how to be one because Im not one… it’s more so my word rather than them leading by example…
  • The only difference is one can literally piss in your face during changing

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