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Mother of the Civil Rights Movement, Rosa Parks, could be the face of the new $20 bill. What are your thoughts? (NBC Nightly News)

To celebrate the 100th aniversary of women’s right to vote, there just might be a change in the $20 bill; a big change! There’s an idea, not yet confirmed, to put the face of a woman pioneer (and dead, of course) on the $20 bill.


Here is the story:



Here’s what you had to say on social media:

  • the_dr_jamesShe would then mess up every rap song referring to the $20 as Jackson and mess up the movie dead presidents. It would be dead presidents and rosa
  • icanonlygetbetterAwesome
  • djbunk1058That would be dope, but I would like to see Dr. king first, but hey she’s a big part of the movement, go miss parkers
  • bigrahbBout time!
  •  that would make history


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