‪#‎10OclockTopic‬: What is a dating deal breaker? Call 410-481-9292 or leave your comments here. ‪#‎YouSayWhat‬ silentassassinda6 Jacked up feet! odellburtonjr When a woman constantly talking about her past and what “they” did to her. A lot of us are dealing with hearts we didn’t break,paying for someone else’s mistake. @justkikibrown itsme_mskaybee34Dishonesty of any kind @justkikibrown Melody […]

#OfficeTalk: Do you agree there should be an age limit for children to use a public restroom by themselves? #YouSayWhat???   Keith DJtwofresh Roseburough Yes when they are 18 or older cause perverts hangout in spots like this to kidnap and fondle kids ms3rdwardbettyLol my son’s 5 and 9. Yeah they uses the men’s bathroom. […]

Here is what you had to say on social media: _dj2fresh WELLLLLLLLL !!!!!! Lol what i will say is from what i seen in todays society romance and mood setting has taken the identity of thirst and being pressed …. Glad im married and can still be romantic without being labeled thirst bucket. Ki’ona Moore ‏ Woman […]

1 O’clock Office Talk: What did you think about Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch‘s comments on media day? (“I’m just here so I don’t get fined!”) Should he be made to respond to the media or left alone? Was he being an ass or politically correct? #YouSayWhat #OfficeTalk   Here’s what you had to say on […]

I received a phone call today from a woman who was disturbed about the story that aired on many Baltimore City/County stations regarding Cherry Hill residents filing a $25 million dollar lawsuite against a private security firm; claiming false arrests, ignored complaints, illegal stops, etc.   I didn’t have time to talk about it on […]

The country is now mourning the loss of 12 people who lost their lives while at a public movie screening of “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado. The gunman, 24 year old James Holmes, entered Century Aurora 16 movie theater, only to pull out a smoke bomb before opening fire that killed 12 […]

So, I’m sure you’ve noticed the masses of protesters in the Inner Harbor. The “Occupy Baltimore” protest have made some Baltimorians  feeling alittle “uneasy” with the lack of public safety and the overwhelming allegations of crime and drug use. This protest is in support of changing the unemployment in the city but I honestly believe […]