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Traffic on road moving slowly in heavy winter snowfall



Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are your snow plans for today? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore @92qjamsbmore



nyshsmith Work flow… I have a family to provide for snow not stopping me from doing what I have to do. Gm

ijon Get somebody daughter pregnant @drejohnson1

drkingdre To call out of work, sit back and relax.

stoneyscorpio Just got word that my job closed so Ima chill and catch up on my shows! Maury time 😊 #winning

chase_g_mom My job closed today so that means me in my bed watching lifetime and listening to my Mr. Talk my head off. Love you Evay @drejohnson1

taneshascentsy Work from home & make some chili

zydecoredbone I’ll be at work all day my job doesn’t care they want you there in all weather conditions @drejohnson1

waynedaasshole At work with a shovel…..smh

hotsauze128 Relaxing with my family ! Good morning

crissy_living_life #WORKFLOW

bellastacks1 Good morning. I will be in studying and getting ready to go out for a snow battle later on…. These kids over here don’t play fair

grandman1126 WORK!!! #GoingPOSTAL #LOVEDATMONEY

thestyle_muse Sleep lol

daunshay Telework and catch up on #Empire

_heartless_tee Good morning. Sleep in a lil longer, cook breakfast, do fun activities and school work with my daughter, apply for jobs and workout. Lol. #SnowDay

dark_ness1244 Work outchere gettin these ppl these tires #TireMan #ATD 🚚💨💨💨💨💨

jus_jessy_kane Clean, Clean, Clean !!!!

kissme_kima #watch movies, sleep, watch more movies, do a little house cleaning, just relax and wait for God and mother nature finish talking to the world

8704media Study, clean, study some more, run ramped with my daughters.

lyfeisgoodppl Hopefully get a half a gallon of E&J VSOP and laugh at the people slipping down the street

Chereese Barrett Absolutely nothing watch tv the tv watches me in that order. Lol!

Tee Denton Rest, rest again and more rest. Gm Dre

Keisha Henson Cook breakfast, watch movies, have the kids fix lunch, watch more movies, play games and chill

Patricia Ray Working St of MD essential employee…

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Being snowed in with my snow bunny




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