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  • scuba_steve133 None. It’s there job
  • autumn_sunrise_1920 Raise your child in the way they should go…my grandmother offered none. Education was my job. Reading books and having three new woods out the dictionary a week to learn was my norm.
  • Cheryl SoDetermined Smith my daughter is in tge 2nd grade…,and right now my daughter gets money for either being on green (good day) or blue (superstar) consistently throughout the week from her Taekwondo teacher. from me…. I’ve made friday her treat day if she exhibits good behavior in school… church…dance etc…and of course for good grades. And a treat can either be something small from the store or dinner out. it all depends.
  • Tiffany Clemmons IMO: It’s all about building up a child’s intrinsic motivation for self-improvement thus making real world expectations feasible. It’s hard to become a resilient individual who understands how to strategically problem solve and overcome barriers when a token economy is always necessary. It also starts a path of having to consistently increase the token economy to great measures in order to maintain over a child’s school career. If incentives are necessary, then they should be aligned in accordance to long-term goals that are created based on a child’s cognitive and emotional abilities and grade level expectations while keeping financial realities in mind.

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