A Utah Charter school sent a letter home to all parents of the students giving the options to opt-out of Black History Month activities. The director of Maria Montessori Academy, Micah Hirokawa, posted on the school’s Facebook page that he sent a letter home to parents about the option to opt-out of Black History Month […]


#SoIHaveAFriend: That is an educator who is enjoying her much needed time off and away. However, as an educator she is super curious as to how parents are doing with their children whom they usually send them to for structure. Now that schools are closed she’s more so concerned that all of her structures that […]

Walmart is already known for rolling their prices back, well know they’re about to be known for doing something BIIIIG for their employees. Walmart just announced that they will pay for the schooling of 1.4 million of their employees no matter of their employmenet status (fulltime or parttime or salaried). Employees will only be asked […]

He says many kids don't have mentors to keep them on track, as he had growing up.

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Chance the Rapper announces the launch of the New Chance Arts and Literature Fund for Chicago public schools.

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Former First Lady Michelle Obama made a special appearance on Thursday night’s episode of FOX’s MasterChef Junior.

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Marvel Comics character Riri Williams, an African-American woman superhero, was featured in MIT’s admissions video.

Predominantly Black Prince George's County Public Schools touts its rising graduation rate. Administrators implemented measures that paid off.

A group of protesters physically block Education Secretary Betsy DeVos from entering Jefferson Academy in D.C.


A course on OutKast being offered at Armstrong University in Savannah, Georgia, will delve into how the group’s ideas about "the South and southernness” influenced other artists.

People are turning to social funding platforms like GoFundMe to pay tuition. Generous strangers are making education goals possible.

Several education news stories in 2016 impacted the African-American community. Black educators reached new heights and the community debated school choice.