Are you more afraid to protect your young black males from other black males or the police? Why?‪#‎YouSayWhat‬??? Here’s what you had to say on social media: @projectboymel@kikibrown92Q When cops act like the one in Balt County who thought he was Tony Montana, who can u trust? Lord Baltimoron ‏@LordBaltimoron @kikibrown92Q you’re not the only […]

#‎10OclockTopic‬: What are your Spring Break plans? ‪#‎YouSayWhat‬ Here’s what you had to say on social media: giannaisallthat Tomorrow I’m Gonna go to the dentist and after gonna see my friend but not really any big plans aka_daddy_daycare Watching kids …. Daddydaycare loves the kids … Prolly teach them about the black panthers and how […]

    Last night, America tuned in to the most powerful television drama finale and it wasn’t How To Get Away With Murder or Scandal! #EmpireFinale was the trending topic on social media, receiving millions of posts that resulted in spoil alerts for fans who planned on watching it during a more relaxing time (sorry). […]

When news broke that television evangelist Creflo Dollar, Senior Pastor of World Changers Ministries in Georgia, asked his congregation for $300 each (there’s about a ka-trillion members) to help him purchase a $65 MILLION dollar private jet, I thought someone would say that we were being punked! NOPE! It’s true! Here’s what is being reported: […]

  #10OclockTopic: Should there be random investigations conducted throughout police departments throughout the US? Based on: WASHINGTON (AP) — “A Justice Department investigation found sweeping patterns of racial bias within the Ferguson, Missouri, police department, with officers routinely discriminating against blacks.”   Here is what you had to say on social media: tishalawan Absolutely _dj2freshOf course […]

Here’s what YOU had to say on social media: scuba_steve133 None. It’s there job autumn_sunrise_1920 Raise your child in the way they should go…my grandmother offered none. Education was my job. Reading books and having three new woods out the dictionary a week to learn was my norm. Cheryl SoDetermined Smith my daughter is in tge 2nd […]

Here’s what you had to say on social media: Truebmoreravenfan ‏ very interesting I honestly can’t see being anything but me. I’m truly stumped on this one. dj2fresh I would be Arabian and get that arab money jenee2687 A CEO… No color but status Vanessa Payne I would be African American. Not take advantage of it I would love […]

  10 o’clock Topic: a city police officer is being investigated for using her baton and mace on students after breaking up a fight. The students suffered injuries; one received stitches after being struck with the officer’s baton. Parents blame the officer for her actions. What are your thoughts? Call 410-481-9292 or leave your comments […]

1 O’clock Office Talk : If you found out your boss was a racist (like, you heard them using racially offensive comments) and you busted them and threatened to report them, BUT they offered you a huge raise to keep quiet, would you? BE HONEST!   Here is what you had to say on social […]