Thursdays are all about the Sex Session. DJ Kenny K has the DMV’s best slow jam mix and I have the quickie question of the night. What is the best time to have sex? Anytime … as long as the light is on The only day I don’t have sex is Sunday. Gotta give God […]

Xmas is coming and people are going to be giving gifts that may not bring joy to their lovers. These are some BAD gifts that you don’t want to get your lover this holiday season… An STD Divorce Papers Clothes/ Shoes that are the Wrong Size Threesome with Your Ugly Friend Small Jewelry Box with […]

The Sex Session with DJ Kenny K was all about what you hunger for when it comes to love…… Everything… lol seriously though, I want the works Loyalty, Passion, Success, Drive, Initiative, Communication Skills and GREAT SEX. Fun and Trust Cuddle and watch ESPN Love.. Freedom to Explore The Connection You Have When Your Making […]

Tonight was all about the hate that single people have for married people. Here are some of our best responses: I hate how married men pretend they are single …”please sir have several seats” Married people act like they dont have any problems. When married people judge other individuals marriages Married people love to say […]

The Sex Session with DJ Kenny K was all about the biggest lies that men/ women tell: “I am single” How much money they make / where they work How many people they have been with Good in Bed “This is my first time doing this” “I don’t do that” “I love you” “I keep […]

The Sex Session on 92Q was all about those words you want people to stop saying: Ornch for orange, zink for sink – Calvin CONVERSATE is my #1Pet-Peeve!!! – Stacey Mova & fava for mother& father – Era Pacific instead specific – Cheryl What really grinds my gears when ppl pronounce “Ask” with an X […]

**** Adult Content ****   Thursday night’s Sex Session was all about allowing your penis and vagina to talk.  See what Love Zone listeners body parts were saying doing the show.  Check out the Sex Session w/ Kenny K every thursday from 10pm til 12am.  Join the virtual Love Zone discussion by visiting If […]

Thursdays are always fun in the Love Zone because the show morphs into the Sex Session w/ DJ Kenny K.  Kenny mixes your favorite slow jams and I offer up the Quickie Question of the Night.    This week — Body Parts That Should Never Ever Be Licked ……. Jeri-Curl necks….  – JB   There […]

It’s not what you think. Join us for 2 hrs of a steamy hot mix to get you and yours in the mood. Tune in LIVE each Thursday from 10-midnight. RELATED: Q SINGLES SUNDAY 2011 [PHOTOS, VIDEO] RELATED: KANDI & LADAWN BLACK PLAY SEX GAMES IN THE LOVE ZONE RELATED: SEXY CHALLENGE WITH EL DEBARGE & […]