slow jam mix

Thursdays are all about the Sex Session. DJ Kenny K has the DMV’s best slow jam mix and I have the quickie question of the night. What is the best time to have sex? Anytime … as long as the light is on The only day I don’t have sex is Sunday. Gotta give God […]

Quickie Question of the Night: What is a game changer for you when it comes to sex? Dirty sheets funky house. Jesus Picture / or Cross over her bed Magnums and no magnum package Granny panties laying around the room An early ending Excessive hair in the wrong places If we’re in the car driving […]

Tonight was all about the hate that single people have for married people. Here are some of our best responses: I hate how married men pretend they are single …”please sir have several seats” Married people act like they dont have any problems. When married people judge other individuals marriages Married people love to say […]