Ludacris, Prince Williams. Getty   Ludacris is going through it right now with the mom of his 1 year old child. Recently, the courts awarded him primary custody, but that was after lots of mud slinging between himself, his new wife and his child’s mom. When it comes to love drama, who is more at […]

Last night was open question night on the show. Check out a few of the many love dramas solved last night ….   I have been married for one year and we decided six months ago to separate.  I moved back in and my wife has been difficult. I moved out again and I don’t […]

Sometimes a relationship ends and you don’t see it coming … My old girlfriend broke up with me on Facebook and I didn’t see it coming He went back to his ex (from high school) after we had been together for 2 months. Got her knocked up and a year later came back to me, […]

It was Open Question Night on The LaDawn Black Show and this was one of my favorite questions: LaDawn, My man still works with his ex. They were together five years and they have a child. He says that they don’t deal with each other anymore, but I can’t help but wonder if they hook-up […]

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        Should you air out your relationship issues on social media?   Hell no that gives the vultures the ok to move in on your mate, and everyone else the ok to judge you and your mate. I dont think so! I am a victim of this and does nothing to help […]

Check out my most recent appearance on The Bill Cunningham Show. She thought he was cheating; so instead of setting his clothes on fire on the lawn she urinated on them …. to mark her territory.  This was a crazy couple. Check out my advice.

Tonight’s show was all about Facebook status drama from the weekend.  All of these scenarios my friends experienced. How would you handle:   You are a woman who is friends with a married couple.  There is a disagreement between you and the husband. Do you address it with him or do you take it to […]