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Ciara has allowed Future back into her home because she wants them to be together for their son. Can you forgive and forget for the kids? Should you?

  • No! Kids are not oblivious to their surroundings! In the end they suffer more! Kids do well seeing their parents happy even if not together!
  • Sacrifice is key work through thats what being a parent is. You start a family see it through
  • It’s a question of what kind of relationship she wants to model for hers…. A man that can cheat on a new mom with his child is a hoe and probably will always be one .
  • NO & YES has it’s ‘pros & cons’…whatever the 2 people can handle.
  • You should never stay for your child. You should stay because you care truly for the person and want to work things out
  • It makes sense ONLY if he’s trying to make things right. He should do it for the sake of THEM and not because they have a child

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