It was Open Question Night on The LaDawn Black Show and this was one of my favorite questions:


My man still works with his ex. They were together five years and they have a child. He says that they don’t deal with each other anymore, but I can’t help but wonder if they hook-up at work. When they deal with their daughter I don’t see anything strange, but I don’t know what is going on during the day. Sometimes I can’t reach him on his cell and she acts like she always knows something that I don’t when I see her on weekends when she drops off their daughter. My friends think I am reading too much into things.

Unsung Cruise



If you don’t see any other concrete signs that they are still dealing with each other let this go. Yes, they still have a relationship because they have a child and they work together. It would be foolish to think that they do not talk during the day. You have to deal in reality and let some of this just …. be. You are impacting your relationship being insecure and seeing things that aren’t there. Until you have concrete proof that more is going on let that man have peace on his job. Just make sure that his time with you is special so that any interactions on the job simply won’t compare.

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