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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Should #Baltimore Police Officers be equipped with body cameras after the situation in #Ferguson? What are your thoughts? #92qjams #bmore #maryland



Delores Millerbland Yes, because some people is taking advantage of some bad officers to some good officers.

MytattoostellMystory Dupree Definitely…I think all police should 4real but then again,will it change anything honestly?

Beard & Belly ‏@MRFTS @DreJohnson1 #gm Fam… naw I think that is a bit extreme. … yet if they do so. ..it should only be cut on or running when confronting

Consumer Voice ‏@cvegceo @DreJohnson1 the BCPD should have to wear body cams for what happened to #TyroneWest. We dont need to go 2 Ferguson. Its happening in bmore.

ButterflyBeautyJ ‏@JPEOPS Good Thursday Morning! @DreJohnson1 My heart ache over all of the crazy shooting crimes&murders! I will not stop praying 4 Justice! #Tears

msladyc01 Yes they should, its to much the police is doing w/o any consequence but time off. And thats the reason they keep doing these things. They do the crime they do the time as well as anybody else. And POLICE IS NOT ALWAYS RT!!

mseyecandy812 I think it’s a great idea! Why not?

1sickcharger hell to the yeah good morning bro @drejohnson1 #early

daddydiddatt Every cop in the United States should have one

misslenajames Yes ask William torbettes family. And Tyrone West family. And their are many that aren’t reported here in Baltimore and they were people are so dumbed down by crack and worried

jessibabi7 Absolutely! With advances in technology, the cameras wouldn’t cost that much, and I believe it will reduce police brutality.

forever_a_lovely_cancer @drejohnson1 I say yes. Not all cops are bad, but there are enough who are.

bigmarco711 @drejohnson1 Absolutely but it will never happen because they don’t want us to see all the bullying/gangbanging they are responsible for. SAD BUT TRUE

bubbychulo Every single officer in the United States should be equipped and some type of punishment issued to the officer that doesn’t use it or if there is a break in recording. . Just my thoughts bro.

og_mac73 @drejohnson1 yes they should, because trust and believe the police is being recorded by me every time I get pulled over in my car with my dash cam.

clint_trustmyself31 Perfect

jamimi1105 They should but remember those cameras will not only be filming the cops they will also be filming us.

sweetsioux1920 I think that they should…not only would it possibly reduce brutality but it would keep tabs on what theyre doing throughout the day. It should not turn off during the duration of their shift. This way it keeps track of how long they are on a break or if they’re actively doing their job.

dell_mustbe_nice Hell to da yea on duty n off duty

drelocs_ Yes but I’m sure they will find a way around it. If something happens on camera the police department will edit the video.

mr_1000errday They should but it doesn’t matter because they will edit the video if it shows a officer in the wrong

blissfulibra Not just Baltimore police but all police! They have cameras in our neighborhoods, at certain intersections, in almost every business to police the community. With all the crime and corruption in the police dept, seems like they need to be policed as well.

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