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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Wrapping up the week. Happy Friday! What are your thoughts on the situation going on in Ferguson, Missouri? #92qjams #mikebrown #bmore #maryland #BALTIMORE #Friday




Rico_NotSuave_IsHere ‏@Ricoishere @DreJohnson1 Missouri is a clear demonstration even though there have been improvements in equality, there is still a long way this.

brace_yourself327 It reminds us of Trayvon Martin all over again . Racism is still very much alive in this country

1sickcharger its crazy man this is truly a sign of history repeating itself smh difference is now we have ppl in position of power to make changes its time we stand for something as black people period gm bro #early

natethedriverfields It’s about time we all come together as a community to stand up for what’s right, as a number we are limited… As a family we are united, we need to become that family unit… We need to over come all the obstacles in our way, no more blind eye’s should be shared on the loss of black life… Let as come together on this united front, or be strange fruit that never grows… We are tired of the situation being the losing of black lives, #pleasedon’tshoot

mrflan @drejohnson1 What’s happening in Ferguson is a clear indication that ignorance cannot be confined by legislation and each day people fight what they don’t understand. We need more of God’s love!

luvinmybois04 It saddens me its just crazy that this the type a world that we have to live in not fair to our Blk men

ba1oo I can’t find myself concerned with Mike Brown when the Edmondson-Westside High School community still haven’t been given answers to who killed Michael Mayfield (@baseball__mike) here in Baltimore. #TakeCareofHomeFirst

withluv__janedoe Its a shame how they make it so hard for people to trust cops all over. These knuckleheads are executing us one by one and going home to their families on paid leave for a job well done. #sadday #fixitjesus @drejohnson1

kuppykake1965 The current actions of sum not all of the police force, is Really taking me back to MLK’s days when we were hosed dwn like animals just for Freedom of Speech, it’s breaking my heart. It seems our black youth & men are abt to become #Extinct#Praying#Erase#Racism!!!

flowsuniquely4u I feel bad for whats going in MO but my brothers murderer still walks free so how can I rally for MO when Baltimore cant unite & rally for the lost of our own

whois_danajr For blacks all over America, all we can Do is Hope, Pray, And try for improvement. For change, for justice. But realistic the white race still has the upper hand because of these crazy laws, racist cops, predominantly white government. Smh #nothingchangeJustTheYears

forever_a_lovely_cancer @drejohnson1 I am truly saddened about Mike Brown and all the other innocent victims, but Black people are killing each other every day and that does not seem to bother anyone smh… Black on Black crime seem to be ok but as soon as another race do it now everyone wants to be in a uproar. We need to start with us first!


Ferguson Cops Seemingly Declared War On Citizens And Journalist Overnight [VIDEO]


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