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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Happy Birthday Tupac! Do you think #Tupac is dead or alive? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #Monday


Delores Millerbland Yes,he past

Leana Butler If he’s alive why would he be hiding out? That man is dead RIP!

Stuart Goodall He’s dead. He hasn’t dropped a new album in a minute.

larri alston ‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 He’s dead but his music is alive every time some1 recites 1 of his verses & I believe he wanted that 2 be his legacy*GM Dre:)

Richard J. Ford ‏@rtisticmind @DreJohnson1 Happy Belated Fathers Day, BrothaMan!

BOBBY ‏@WOah_MACK @DreJohnson1 Idk Im 50/50 wit it. I can believe he cooling sumwhere laying low from da secret society, But I can also believe dey killed him

ernie B ‏@easaywellz @DreJohnson1 pac will always be alive. To some of us!!

whthershey209 I think he’s dead. For a while I thought it was a possibility of him being alive. Happy birthday RIP

eman3275 If he’s alive somebody going to jail

1sickmopar hea alive bro he helped the heat lose last night lol

t4miek4 Idk but whatever or where ever he is just let him be ….

living_lovin13 Very much end of story

living_lovin13 Very much!!! He not in these states though!!

kdh_27 It’s my bday too. Happy bday PAC!

kuppykake1965 You are Truly missed Happy Birthday!!

glennrogersjr Him being cremated is straight suspect. That’s all Ima say

bishopmeb2 When the insurance companies pay out the kind of money they did after so many hoaxes in the past that brother is definitely dead! It’s time to let go because of Brothers dead!

smoothdude925  He isn’t dead like he said himself he finna “come back like Jesus”




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