POWERFUL stuff from a POWERFUL man! Russell Simmons talks about the most imporyant stories that broke PRE-elevator drama between the Carter-Knowles family! More inspiring and empowering stories! But I’m sure you forgot all about that huh?



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Paula Patton’s Sexy Vanity Fair Shoot!!
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Hip-hop has been part of my life for over 35 years. I have witnessed the rise of the most powerful youth movement this world has ever seen from an incredibly unique vantage point. In the early days, not many people or the press cared about the personal life of a rapper, now rappers are the most famous people on the planet. So I understand why the Jay Z and Solange situation is front page news, but rappers and artists have been making front page news for quite some time.

When Dr. Sean Combs took the stage this weekend in our nation’s capital and professed that “you are the most powerful generation this world has ever seen,” in his commencement address at Howard University, he said that with confidence. The confidence that has been built from fighting for every civil right and social justice movement ever since Puffy was a young…

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