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The NFL isn’t playing with their players when it comes to code of conduct policies. Another player, Darren Sharper of the New Orleans Saints is currently facing rape charges and recently indicted by a grand jury. (he’s fine too…damn) Here is the latest: Former New Orleans Saints player Darren Sharper has been indicted by a grand […]

Uh oh! Sundy Carter (BBW) has been arrested! For drinking under the influence! Wasn’t her drinking mentioned a few times on the show? Hmmm…   Here’s some footage of Sundy Carter of BBW:   Related posts: Is This The Reason Draya Michele Quit “Basketball Wives: LA”? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] Tami Roman Talks Basketball Wives Drama With […]

Good times in the Carter-Knowles Camp! Global Grind posted a few pics of the fam during happier times! I hope they’re doing the same thing!     You may also want to read: What Really Matters In Hip-Hop by Russell Simmons Why Solange Attacked Jay Z Is Solange Speaking Out On The Elevator Fight Or […]

POWERFUL stuff from a POWERFUL man! Russell Simmons talks about the most imporyant stories that broke PRE-elevator drama between the Carter-Knowles family! More inspiring and empowering stories! But I’m sure you forgot all about that huh?     You may also want to read: Baltimore City Council Approves A Tough Curfew For Kids Jaden Smith […]

The internet and social network sites were flooded with the news of 22 year old Glenn Thomas aka Doe B of Hustle Gang, reportedly shot and killed at a bar in his hometown of Alabama. Another victim was gunned down by the intended bullet meant for Thomas. Read more here: Global Grind We’re sad to […]

We all knew he had one but it’s not true until you actually say it is. Recently, Chris Brown met with his NEW parole officer (why he has a new one, I don’t know) to tell him why he’s been a trending topic in the media lately. He didn’t bring up the DC altercation but […]

NBA baller, Lamar Odom, has been rumored to have checked out of an LA treatment facility after only being admitted for 24 hours. Not sure the cause but this doesn’t look good! Courtesy of GlobalGrind: E! News has confirmed that Lamar Odom checked himself out of rehab after just 24 hours. Lamar was pulled over last week for driving under […]

Courtesy of Global Grind: Like so many people across the country, I have followed the murder trial of George Zimmerman very closely. As we enter what is probably the last week of the trial, I am sure that everyone is anxious about the outcome. For the past sixteen months, I have proudly supported the courageous […]


Everyone loves a good anthem or “catch phrase” but there is a point when we should RETIRE THEM!… Especially after it hits Instagram and it is on “repost overkill!” agreed and came up with a list of  “34 Rap Lyrics That Need To Be Retired From Social Media!”   Below are Hip Hop videos of […]

Courtesy of GlobalGrind:  Chris Brown was in a fender bender yesterday, and surprise, surprise … he had his ex girlfriend Karrueche in the car. Our friends at Gossip Cop report: The couple were in Brown’s Range Rover when it rear-ended a Mercedes. There were no reported injuries, and authorities were not summoned to the scene. Brown and the other driver […]

I couldn’t  believe it when I read this story from! Pop sensation, Justin Bieber was caught “appreciating the ERRFF” with a few friends. Beebs…you can’t do stuff like that homie! Everyone has a camera phone! DUMMY!! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER/INSTAGRAM @KIKIBROWN92Q Other celebs caught smokin’ weed: Rick Ross Arrested For Smoking Weed Whoopi Admits To […]