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It was open question night. Check out a few of the questions from last night:


Why is it so hard for people to be faithful?

We have so much access to people and a lot of our communication can be easily hidden from lovers. Technology has really changed the ease that we have to make new connections. Also, our views on relationships have changed greatly and many people are open to and accepting relationships that would not have been tolerated 20 years ago.


Why do men think its ok to have woman on the side but get mad if she get a man on the side?

Men view the extra woman as just a sex thing or having extra as the “man” thing to do. When they say she doesn’t mean anything or that it was nothing they are telling their truth. Sex can just be sex for men. However, men don’t see women disconnecting like they do and if you are sexing someone you are definitely loving them too. Also, all men consider a women’s body territory and there is a violation if another man has access. Some basic ideas don’t change.


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