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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Ravens Ray Rice is indicted on Aggravated Assault charges which could send him to jail for 3-5 years. What are your thoughts? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #FRIDAY #bmore



Chereese Barrett Truthfully I think he’s not going to jail he will get probation before judgment do some community service and anger management classes it is a serious matter but he has never been in trouble besides his windows on his truck being to dark but he will be good. I wish him nothing but the best because only GOD can judge him.

Patricia Ma Ma Johnson I think his fiancee’ should have been charged that elevator clip shows nothing in my opinion. NJ just wants to capitalize and get paid and take the focus off their RACHET governor! GM DRE!

Djuana Evrythingboutmesaysuccess Fair I don’t feel what we seen was suitable proof of the accusations. If she’s not pressing charges and the wedding is still on, the case should be dropped and Jersey should mind their damn business!!!! Good morning:)

Monyette Naturallybeautiful Smith There was definitely footage from inside the elevator. There is no place in the casino that doesn’t have cameras so they know exactly what happened. We will never see it tho because its probably not as bad as they are making it seem.

 Eryn Brown ‏@ErynLovinhim @DreJohnson1 Good morning!! Right now I’m pissed at the way Ray Rice is getting called out. No I dont support domestic violence.

Smokedlexus ‏@smokedlexus Ray Rice, because I don’t think he’s going to get no time but I think he will get a suspension from the NFL @DreJohnson1 #breakfastbite

Matthew E. Bradby II ‏@BishopMEB2 @DreJohnson1 Good mornibg Dre. I WANT to send a Happy Birthday Shout out to my wife Candice Bradby (Brad -be) 6 surgeries in 2 years

Dumb Fresh Radio ‏@MrDumbfresh @DreJohnson1 the video will become public now that he’s been charged something happen or they would pursue the case #DontChrisBrownYaGirl

Artise ‏@Artise1 @DreJohnson1 It’s unfortunate we don’t learn from others. As a man you have to walk away or even run. I would of left her in #AtlanticCity

Harold Jenkins ‏@HAJ3RD @DreJohnson1 GM my G, I think that money changed him, he not the same guy, and the football field shows it, it’s sad, but no hands on women

Dynamic511 ‏@dynamic511 @DreJohnson1 it’s sad they still together because something happened.

Helen Washington ‏@LynnWashington @DreJohnson1 Still love #RayRice and all the tremendous things he’s done 4 our youth. Morning honey bun!! (Still wanna hear ALL details tho)

larri alston ‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 #RayRice is many things, father/football player & friend but I wish woman beater wasn’t 1 of them! Enjoy your weekend Dre:)

bams_boo Straight BS

brace_yourself327  Sounds like they’re trying to make an example out of him

dre0385 I think if that’s her fiance she should get the charges dropped for him but straight BS

_mst4u_  No one knows the story. Her charges were dropped apparently. More had to happen to get him on a felony charge. Poor Diddle Diddle

bjaysamazing82 Im just hoping he gets a fair trial celebrities get rail roaded and its still some unknown info there not revealing to the public. God be with ray

instamoe_1576  He won’t do a day in jail…but I do think if he does not have a good season they are going to cut him….to much of a big distraction harbaugh is not like billack he will cut whomever he think is a cancer to the team

natethedriverfields The whole situation is crazy… I know him better than this, believe it or not people have done worst and gotten off… @drejohnson1

irock20pearlz  The Revel has video cameras in most of the elevators. So maybe something happened that they didn’t release. I love Ray Rice, but it doesn’t look good.

lie2u4 what30 Mannn he ain’t going 2 jail

ladiesoflegacies I don’t think he should be judged any differently than someone who does not maintain a celebrity status! He already gives his fans NOTHING to admire him for, then he is involved in this mess?!? Either way, it’s not a good look for him as a person on or off the field!

blizz40 It’s sad but they may just make an example out of him

coreyharold They need to drop it….the same way they did his fiance

joylove2see They have to charge him with something they can’t just let him get off if they did then everybody would be saying domestic violence is Ok I think its more to what everyone seen

mackmanforever He made his bed now he needs to lay in it. It’s a cause and effect world we live in. Ray Rice put up bad numbers last season like he’d always be around and now he’s on the break of losing everything. My heart goes out to him and his family but he did this so he has to face his consequences. @drejohnson1 This is Kenny Mack

almost_perfecti0n If she dropped charges dismiss the case.

beautifullyflawed28  His performance on field has Nothin to do with this situation. . It’s really a shame that a celebrity has to be “made an example of”… many women get they ass beat everyday and it’s not in public eye. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be punished but that’s really ridiculous … praying for him & his family. .. #ravenforlife

1misscnn Good. An i don’t care who likes it. Bring the haters! And that’s just a “maybe” they give. He probably won’t do anything, maybe 6 months…. if that. Bc he is NFL!!!!!!! I still say beat a bissh, get shot. ♥♥♥ So ya, he needs to be punished. I wouldn’t know or even be this harsh if it was done in private! ! The police, military and the sports committees are grrrreat for covering someone’s azz!!! #Rapes #Abuse Ima #RAVENSNATION Fan allllll day!! But i wish folk would stop whining just bc he’s famous!!! Not my daughter!!! RAY… get it the fk together!

shanicakes0902 Just so you guys know she didn’t press charges the state of New Jersey brought the indictment against him. I do however think its an attempt to sensationalize the incident. For little we saw and heard on the news there has to be more to the story. I do think he’ll make out ok though.

shanicakes0902 They basically revealed what they are tryna do when they dropped charges against her. Because she is no one to go after. Those prosecutors/state’s attorneys want to make a name for themselves. What better way than to try a domestic violence case against a star athlete that will garner all kinds of attention. They know what they are doing

bishopmeb2 Good morning…to much is given much is required! There has to Come a time where we surround ourselves with people who make us better. Regardless the reason, qe have to think twice and act once…we have too much to lose. We have to learn what Kenny Rogers once sung! We have to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run. A good walk beats a bad stand anyday! #StepYourGameUpFellas

itzmezu1 u Good bless him

ferro_d Man he may be done as a Raven…….smh

thickdiva428 All these athletes and celebrities need to get their shit together. It makes no sense that they don’t know how to freaking act. They really might put him in jail to make a good example of him. This is not the first she has acted out so

thickdiva428He needs to get it together or his career will be shot to hell.



Ravens’ Ray Rice Indicted

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