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I’ve learned a long time ago from a college roommate that you can do some pretty awesome things when you’re by yourself. At first, I thought she was weird but she told me that those moments are the best for her because she can think, enjoy without interruption, leave when she’s ready and stay as long as she wants. She used to watch foreign films (alone), she would eat at restaurants (alone), she would take walks (alone) and pretty much did what she wanted to do (alone) when she wanted to. I admired that about her (after I realized she wasn’t crazy lol).

Now, I do pretty much everything alone (when I’m not with my son or sorors) and I enjoy it….A LOT! I have yet to go to a foreign movie but it’s on my list to do. I’ve been to book stores, taken walks, and eaten at restaurants alone and I can agree that it was pretty cool!


Have you ever tried doing something by yourself? It’s weird at first, but trust me, you’ll learn to enjoy it.

Just give it a try:


  • Going to a new city and spending the whole day walking around, just deciding where you want to eat for dinner that night.
  • Working out, because you don’t need a bunch of randos around you to throw off your swag by judging the way you improperly use the stair machine.
  • Going to a movie in the middle of a weekend afternoon that you know full-well is going to make you cry, and being able to ugly sob because no one else is around you to feel self-conscious about
  • Browsing a museum whilst wearing a really adorable “going to the museum outfit” that makes you look at once attractive and thoughtful, and will totally catch the eye of the hot dude who is also lingering over that Yves Klein that you both know is absurd.



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