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Mashonda is vacationing with her ex and the mistress! I couldn’t believe the pictures that came out of Alicia Keys kissing Swizz right next to Mashonda on a blended family vacation. I couldn’t do it Mashonda, but maybe this is a new form of the “good divorce.”

Is a “good divorce” possible?

  • My divorce ended with no drama, it was sad, but we are still on good terms.
  • I believe if both parties are grown u can have a good divorce not all marriages end in pain some are mutual agreements.
  • I think it depends on how the separation went. If it was a mutual consent without lies and deception then yes
  • Lot more drama filled if there are kids involved. Custody issues can be the worst
  • I’ve been married and divorced twice with a child in both marriages. I had two different experiences. It’s very possible to have a drama free divorce when the love and respect remains and the well being of the children stays #1. When the drama was there and the lack of respect remains, hurt feelings opens doors to immaturity and drama.
  • I had a dramaless divorce… But we had drama later!