Now, we've gotten a little more insight into the true nature of the song after "Sorry" songwriter Diana "Wynter" Gordon sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly.


Last weekend, 75-year-old civil rights leader Julian Bond passed away and was remembered in an outpouring of support from mourners across the world. Julian Bond…

The wife of a former player of the Buffalo Bills was kidnapped by her husband’s mistress, then killed in a murder suicide. Sandra Barnett was…

After Donald Sterling‘s wife won her lawsuit against V. Stiviano, we’re wondering if it really should be a wife’s right to sue her husband’s side chick,…

Mashonda has vacationed with Alicia Keys and Swizz.  This weekend she purchased the cake for their son’s birthday party. She seems to have found her happy place in what was once a difficult situation for her. Can you make peace with the mistress? My son wouldn’t be eating that cake. Just to be on the […]

V. Stiviano, the alleged mistress of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, claims that two White men in attacked her and shouted racial slurs as she walked along in NYC.  So far, one man has been arrested. These photos were released. See the full story and photos HERE

Mashonda is vacationing with her ex and the mistress! I couldn’t believe the pictures that came out of Alicia Keys kissing Swizz right next to Mashonda on a blended family vacation. I couldn’t do it Mashonda, but maybe this is a new form of the “good divorce.” Is a “good divorce” possible? My divorce ended […]

Love Zone listeners called in Tuesday night to let me know if they thought the old love myth of “How you get him, is how you will lose him” is actually true. Here are a few of their comments via Facebook: yes! Men are funny creatures. Men pay close attention to what your down for. […]

Mike Vick just topped’s list as the ‘Most Disliked’ player in the NFL! I guess it was the ‘killing dogs’ thing or was it the rape accusation?? Or maybe it’s his horrid and rude nature sometimes when dealing with autograph seeking, young fans. Or MAYBE it’s this new woman that just stepped forward with […]