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Alichia Cruz does a music video for Dolphin and gets a Spring MakeOver!

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Being a mother of two kids and radio jock that works 2 jobs.  This radio mami usually doesn’t have much time to experiment with her look but duty called.  Alichia was asked to do a cameo in a music video for International Soul musician, Dolphin.  The video will premiere in a one hour special on The BBC.

To prepare for the role Dolphin’s record label called in the glam squad, Maria Smith from @TopKittyStyles and Make Up Artist, Tina Yeganeh @Persia_Glam.

Maria used brighter colors to give the video scene a pop and was so excited use the  mustard jacket….she knew it would complement Alichia’s curvy figure.  

To compliment the deep mustard jacket, MUA, Tina went with a bright hot red lip.

and we’re happy to say the artist and label were very happy….oh and so was Alichia.


Dolphin also made sure he had one of the best music videographers /director/ producers in the DMV,  to help bring create the visuals.  He called Darren Murray of R.Badwah & Murray Pictures.  Darren has helped Dolphin in past and many other musicians in the area including the DMV’s, Wordsmith.  Darren was the one who shot Wordsmith’s mini video mash up of “Show Me the Money/Touch Back Down” which also featured Alichia Cruz as Wordsmith’s love interest.   A.Cruz is in the second half of the video about 1:25 into it.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 3.28.49 PM

Click here to see the Wordsmith video produced and shot by Darren Murray.

Alichia shot this with Wordsmith prior to forming The D.A. Show with Dre Johnson and was so impressed with Wordsmith’s professionalism and talent,  that she called him in to do The D.A.’s official intro song which is played every Saturday at 3pm on 92.3 FM Baltimore.  The theme/intro song was so popular that it was only natural to shoot a video for it.  “The D.A. Show” video was shot, here in the 92Q studios.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 4.13.15 PM

Click here to hear it and see the video.

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