Alichia Cruz does a music video for Dolphin and gets a Spring MakeOver!   Yas #Spring #Fashion #International #music Being a mother of two kids and radio jock that works 2 jobs.  This radio mami usually doesn’t have much time to experiment with her look but duty called.  Alichia was asked to do a cameo […]

Shout out to Wordsmith he did his thing and R. Badwah & Murray Pictures Great Job!!!!! This is the official music Video for The D.A. Show!!! We got special appearances from DJ Angel Baby, DJ Kris Carter, Wayne Amon Ra, & Selah Amon ra….

B’MORE STEPS UP @WALBROOK JUNCTION WOW…LOOK AT ALL THE FOOD!!!!! We are soooo proud of our Radio One listeners for stepping up and donating all this food to the Bea Gaddy  Foundation today. Special thanks to the Ms. Beverly, Mr. Waters and the entire staff (pictured below) at Stop Shop & Save 3427 N. Clifton Ave. […]

I know some people think negatively about this occupation but I got to say, my experience was great.  I did a promo video for B-more lyricist, Wordsmith. It includes 2 of his singles, Show Me The Money and Touch Back Down featuring Jnes. I’m in the 2nd half of the video, on the “Touch Back Down” […]