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Tonight was all about the hate that single people have for married people. Here are some of our best responses:

  • I hate how married men pretend they are single …”please sir have several seats”
  • Married people act like they dont have any problems.
  • When married people judge other individuals marriages
  • Married people love to say … my husband .. my husband every sentence knowing their husband ain’t sh*t…
  • I dont like how married people can’t balance friends & their spouse. Either they so far up their spouses behind their friends dont see or hear from them or they hang out with friends so much…its as if they look single or unmarried!  Balance is key.
  • I don’t like when married people say we not together … we just live together for the kids and sleep in separate rooms … what good is that?
  • They be the main ones giving advice, but their marriage is not all peaches and cream