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We all have that friend, co-worker, or family member that has no filter when it comes to expressing their true feelings about some things. When it’s gift giving time, is it me or do you want to strangle that ungrateful person who simply didn’t receive your gift well and didn’t try hard to hide it?

Not everyone has common sense nor etiquette when it comes to receiving gifts that they didn’t like.

So, let’s teach them:

Gratitude First!

No matter what gift it is, remember to look happy and surprised. Focus on the thought, time and effort (or any one of the three) that went into the gift.

Pause to show sincerity

Do not chuck it aside, once you’ve opened it. Hold the gift and look at your giver and express the most sincere thanks.

Write a Thank You Note!

Always write a thank you note, specially mentioning the gift. It can be in the form of an sms, text message, email, depending on formality and how expensive the gift is.

Manners always apply.


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