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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Would you rather get a gift or gift card for Christmas? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #TUESDAY

Stuart Goodall Gifts. Gift cards simply say, “here, go get you some shit!”

Cj Nickens Gift. Gift cards have become the lazy way to reward or show appreciation to someone. Any actual purchased gift shows the person put some thought into what to get you. The next step down from a gift card is just giving someone money. Except this money has limitations on how it can be spent. Gift cards are like food stamps that can be purchased at Walmart and spent elsewhere.

Jaime Browneyez Harbison Gm Dre, I would prefer gifts more caring than gift cards

TheSlew RocksonAdventure Gift card is the best choice for me.I can be in charge of my own Christmas present in a way of sorts.

Stuart Goodall So buy your own gifts with your own money. Save the gift give some money. #selfishbastard LOL

DaBoyChuckNasty‏@ChucksNastyx10 Gm bro @DreJohnson1 in my opinion its always been the thought that counts. The fact that someone has you on their mind is enough #GrateFul

Joucelyn B.‏@PrettySouthrn991 @DreJohnson1 morning😊😊 I’ll take a gift card that way I can get what I want.

Ki Ki Brown‏@kikibrown92Q “@DreJohnson1: Would you rather get a gift or gift card for Christmas? >>a gift card is nice but I will take ur time any day 😁

Ike Turnup‏@DJDeeLamont @DreJohnson1 give me the gift card, too many possibilities with gifts to turn me into a Grinch

Dani- Renee‏@danilovinmylocs @DreJohnson1 a gift from someone close. Gift card if not. Don’t want something I don’t like. Lol

Don D ‏@Dondee83 @DreJohnson1 I rather give a gift card because people rearly use or appreciate ,What you buy them!

Pat Bush-Johnson Gift cards i say are lazy gifts and not from the heart. I like to give a gift that has some thought process no matter how big or small.

ButterflyBeautyJ‏@JPEOPS Gooood Tuesday Morning Friends! @DreJohnson1 @RobBase92Q TheGift works Best, its Thoughtful & Personal!

Dynamic511‏@dynamic511 @DreJohnson1 depends on who is giving the gift. Some people are good gift givers.

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Gift cards allow receiver choice/it still requires effort on part of the giver without the risk of picking something wrong*GM:)

Free Jackson‏@MsFreeza @DreJohnson1 Gift card…some people don’t know how to shop! & if it’s a visa gift card I can pay some damn bills@@@ good morning mister

1amazinglibra Gift card.

tattedup_chargerboy@drejohnson1 now you know damn well ninjas gone say gift card lol these days all ppl want is money or gift cards so they can buy exactly what they want

_kim_marie gift card

tattedup_chargerboy@drejohnson1 goodmorning too bro lets get this money

doeboyr7 Gift card. It’s easier to past on! @drejohnson1

mickmickisback A gift card from ppl who don’t really knw me @drejohnson1

1_bad_azz_elantra Gift card to a gas station. Gas not cheap

daveth3king If we get anything for Christmas we are more fortunate than half the world.

bratty_baker A prefer a gift because it’s more personal but sometimes if a person is at a lost for ideas, a gift card to my favorite store is great!

sports_swag_1 Gift card I rather buy something I want instead of getting what you may think I want @drejohnson1

the_resume_king Straight cash homie!!!

jbb427 Thousand dollar shoes..y’all don’t even know it

bladesbunny I feel both options are fine. Gifts are more personal because it was specifically purchased for you and gift cards are appreciated because although you didn’t get a specific item you dedicated a portion of your hard earned money to get what I really want/need.

misslenajames Gift card ? You?

darkizin_1017 GIFT CARD LUV EM’

1misscnn Gift… Unless you don’t know me & I might have to take that $hii back lol then gift card ;)

lite_brite77  Gift cards…all the way! Most ppl don’t know you well enough to buy a gift

1stbornson@drejohnson1 #giftcard

tommie37 I want a gift

shay d‏@shaydprncss @DreJohnson1 Good Morning, I prefer gifts they take thought! Got you something too, see you Friday!

♪♬Mr$. R!ch♬♪‏@S1EGE_MENTAL1TY @drejohnson1 it depends on who it’s from. Gift cards are cool. Ppl should b grateful 4 w/e they get.

Rhonda Knox Definitely a gift its more personal.

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