Technology is a great thing, right? But, at what cost. Nowadays, we have smart cars, phones, appliances and even toys. When it comes to Smart Toys that are for your children, a company is warning that they could be spying on your children. A company called, Trouble In Toyland, is warning that if toys can […]

We all have that friend, co-worker, or family member that has no filter when it comes to expressing their true feelings about some things. When it’s gift giving time, is it me or do you want to strangle that ungrateful person who simply didn’t receive your gift well and didn’t try hard to hide it? […]

Via  Tis the season to start the holiday shopping. But, if your on a holiday budget be careful of merchandisers that take advantage of  “get a deal” shopping. Federal agents feel that a warning for this years holiday shopping is very necessary for consumers. Why? Read More. Wednesday’s Classifieds What Are Your Holiday Plans? Young Jeezy’s […]

Why are men so hard to buy gifts for? They don’t like shopping, they couldn’t give a damn about whether their sweater matches their shoes and they don’t really have much need for makeup or jewelry. There goes all the things I know about. I can buy a present for my brother’s girlfriend, who I […]