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I found a few things I could be doing on a snowy day like this but I’m at work so until 2 O’clock, these tips wouldn’t be much help.

However, you’re home today so why waste some perfectly good suggestions on what to do to make the best of a snow day?


  • Work out: Put in a workout DVD and do some cardio for an hour or so. The kids can do it with you.
  • Pay the bills: You’re not going anywhere and while your utilities are still on, take this time to pay some bills.
  • Watch a good movie: Put in your favorite movie or catch up on your favorite shows that you’ve missed last week.
  • Make woopie: Like any other cardio, sex is the best way to lose a few pounds and take some frustration off your mind. Send the kids out to play and get busy! (safely that is)

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