I did an exercise yesterday and found that I fail at relaxing! I just couldn’t do it! I tried to think about something comforting, relaxing, freeing, and simply couldn’t concentrate. What can you do to relax? Take a deep breath or two. Taking a few slow deep breaths helps release the stress in the body. […]

I found a few things I could be doing on a snowy day like this but I’m at work so until 2 O’clock, these tips wouldn’t be much help. However, you’re home today so why waste some perfectly good suggestions on what to do to make the best of a snow day? YOU CAN: Work […]

Hundreds of thousands of military vets are still on the battlefield, surviving the daily struggles of everyday stresses of  getting through another day in these United States. Was there (or is there) more security when you serve in the military verses being a civilian? For you to come home to mounds of bills piling up […]

I have a friend who was a little down today and I knew something wasn’t right when I sent her a text to see how she was doing. Her response was short and usually that’s not the case. I followed my gut and called her. She was surprised because I hardly get on my phone […]

Ever sit in the back of the company cafeteria and watch the “higher-ups” walk by laughing at their corny jokes, feeling as though their lives have to be the best ever right? Well, you’ll never know unless you become a boss yourself! So, how does that happen? Here’s how: Know the business you’re in. Be […]