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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Ed Reed was released from Houston yesterday. Would you like to see him back with the #Ravens? @tweetacruz @edreed #92qjams #BALTIMORE #MARYLAND #BMORE #Wednesday #ravensnation

mrsjodijay‏@mrsjodijay @DreJohnson1 most definitely!!

Live Hazey‏@Tate_Kobang @DreJohnson1 goodmornin brother, and hell yeah we need ed reed back asap

Toiya Best‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 I say bring him back for that leadership that we’re missing! I think he still has some play in him and we can use it! Gm Dre!

Masterpiece‏@Angelwatchinoval @DreJohnson1 ..Ed Reed all day…also bring Ray back for some coaching…love my Ravens but we need help

MsAlphaqueen Thomas Yep

Sara Onmybestbs Jenkins Bring Ed back…he can def help this new team get back to being the old ravens, the winning ravens

Tyra Harris I don’t know nothing bout football but from the post I see on game nights the Ravens need to bring back all the ones who left including retiree ray Lewis.

Chereese Barrett It would be nice but Baltimore Ravens said they are not going to sign him and they would probably sign him for one day to retire him that’s about it.

Brandon Easterling He should come back for half season and retire a Raven.

Jermaine Townes Just 2 retire him as a raven..not 2play..ed iz ova..hall of fame 4 the  dude..Purple city

Carla Jones Come back honey . Your place is at home

Pat Bush-Johnson Would love it but it won’t happen smh….

Dae Queen would b nice!

Faruq Tashawn Hamlett His career with the ravens is dead. …D-I-D….dead

Bee Divah Doll Yess definitely. ..

Stuart Goodall C’mon y’all, c’mon. Let’s not even mention the lil’ locker room mutiny he and all the released players tried to start. Why you think they eagerly released dudes like Pollard and them? That’s like going back to the man that used to beat you because he took you to hospitals with valet parking. He was benched in Texas, and they needed him, he’ll be benched in Baltimore.

Etosha Price Yesss

Davina Goode We need you in Baltimore. Come on come back to the Ravens pleases

Eryn Brown Omg, my baby needs to come back home. They just didn’t understand him. I want him back now!! Lol

Latoya Lanette George Hell yeah and on my table too

Tashia Smith Reeeeddddd!!!! Come back!!!! We need you!!!!

tla125 HELL YEA !!!!

neva_molly_straight_aquafina I would, as apart of the coaching staff, I really believe he’s going to come home to retire.

whthershey209 Yes bring his ass back home to retire. He done got his $6 mil. He knew what he was doing!

tattedup_chargerboy@drejohnson1 he shouldnt have left in the 1st place he supposed to retire a raven but nope dont want to see him back it was a method to ozzie’s madness we needed fresh talent once they all get on the same accord its a wrap #purplecity #birdgang #ravenation #muscleONrussle

djnitro1 They say he going to new England or the jets @drejohnson1

blessed692 Gm yes bring him back once a @ravens always a @ravens #ravensnation he my fav

tattedup_chargerboy@drejohnson1 by the way gm big homie

bratty_baker Yes bring him back. I think Ed would put that spunk back in the team that is desperately needed!

mrmagicdmayor Absolutely so he can get a proper send off!

jptrintaylor Yea as a coach

wiz_otis Yes not 2 play just 4 leadership & motivation purpose only his hip still fucked up

tattedup_chargerboy@drejohnson1 i don’t see how all these ppl saying bring him back he didn’t get released for that one comment he had terrible performance while there too he getting old man just let him go but once again he shouldnt have left to begin with chasing money

tree_bri Hell yeah ravens need to get him back…. It’s only right #ravenforlife

luckysbabygirl Anybody would leave to get a bigger paycheck, you can’t fault that man for that.

dj_lex_ Of course…would love to have him back on the team

irock20pearlz Since he had a guaranteed $6 million in the Texan contract, I say bring him in at league veteran minimum and let him be the motivator for the team!

hotsauze128 Hell yes ! Bring back ALL of the ones that helped us win the Super Bowl. Take the money BACK from Flacco & tell him SIKE !!! LOL

mjkmusic77gs That would be cool he should have never left but hell yeah sometimes all money ain’t good!!

1misscnn Hell ya! Bring him back for 2 then retirement! #TEAMRAVENS #RAVENSNATION

lexus5013  No!!! He should have never left, I’ll never 4 get him saying that he will retire a Raven & this was b4 he went to the Texans. I was mad when left but no they should not bring him back.

mickmickisback Abso-fricken-lutely….this is his home, he needs to retire a Raven @drejohnson1

bayoubeauty07@drejohnson1  it would be nice to have him back but the Ravens have already made a decision not to sign waivers for him. He was asking for too much money when he was with the Ravens and they are not going to pay him 411,000 or more of his salary. He will always be a Raven but sometimes some things are not meant to be said. His comment about the Texans got him cut. He should focus on his health and retire. But there are three teams looking to pick him up for the remainder of the season. (Maybe)

aurora_etm YESSSSSSSSS! Bring my Boo back!!!!!!!

123monawall My favorite player is ED reed. I say bring him back let him play. BEST SAFETY. We need him. Let that man retire a Baltimore RAVEN.

tweetacruz Hell yeah… Bring Reeeeeed back

bishopmatthewbradby I love him and he was one of my favorites. Real talk we know he is a shell of his former self. Baltimore let it go. He was let go for a reason. He had a great career…its time to move on.

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