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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Why do you think the #Ravens lost to Green Bay? What grade would you give them on yesterday’s game? #92qjams #baltimore #Monday #Maryland #bmore

drejohnson1 GM.. Happy Monday! True @whthershey209 lol. They pay Flacco to much money not produce.

Selma Candowithout Fulgham Ok job, needs improvement. Score to close

Eric Hockaday Jr Cuz yall paid the wrong guy hes not a leader.

Isaac Stalk As usual, the Ravens play is too inconsistent. You never know what to expect from game to game with the Ravens. I love ’em but they have to get that fire back.

Free Lewis‏@MsFreeza @DreJohnson1 ???Who are the Ravens?? Oh yeah, I give them an F-…team #Steelers

Marcel™‏@king_phoenix410 @DreJohnson1 an E we played like trash. Can’t expect to win games and we only kicking FG and scoring in the 4th Quarter

Toiya Best‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 they lost because of that stupid 4th and goal play! They should have taken the field goal. That was the game

Pat Bush-Johnson Offense sucked yesterday there is no way u get on the 2 yd line twice and not score! Jacoby looked great abd I will give them credit for goung on 4th down something they never do but I would have rather seen them kick and get the easy 3. My grade low C.

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 B cause Jacoby/Doss/beautiful 1 handed catch by Clark but everyman seems like he’s on a different page each play*Morning Dre:)

Dunkin Tko Rowlett It was too early in the game for them to make the decision to go for it, kick the ball and get the 3, time management is a must. If it was fourth quarter then I would agree to go for it but bad coaching. I love my team but every year we have inconsistency. We have to do better.

whthershey209 I think that 120 million got to flacco head lol but for real I think they just need more work and learn to do big things together

jptrintaylor C- cuz we make bad ply calls. . Still purple city man

whthershey209 We lost a lot of good people now just need to learn to work together to be the team we were

ramonelyles @drejohnson1 A man, they came to play but green bay came to win….#COLTSNATION

410_maineTha offense gets a D- n suspended for 3days… Gotta do better purple city…Damn

nodramaclint83 No chips in the bag just full of air Lol #cowboysnation lehgo!!

wiz_otis They get a c from me kick the field goal & we win by 1 as bad as we played we still had a chance 2 win so that tell us what

whthershey209 @drejohnson1 u right dre. We lost a lot of good players they didn’t want to pay since they over paid his ass.

bludude I can’t even call it I just think we have not found our rhythm yet. #RavensNation

priveledge_gram Didn’t yall lose this game?

daveth3king A big fat F

1_and_0nly_quan That touchdown drive that’s the type of play calling they have to stick with find a diff way to run the ball use pierce and leach and rice differently spread the wr’s out tire out the opponent defense they always wait till their down and time is critical to put together a decent drive @drejohnson1

modemkilla Offense line not getting any push for the backs! Defensive backs need more smart play & need to get T Smith WR more involved! @drejohnson1 grade c- ps #Shittsburgh is still Ass #fact

ageminivision Players did the best job they could getting back into it, fact is coaching is why we lost we should’ve taken the 3pts on the goal line drive instead of getting stopped on 4th down!! Players B Coaches F

theresumeking Dre’ keeping it real the Ravens are just plain sorry this year. They get a C-

doggish1zprez The offensive line didn’t show up at all other wise it was a great showing c- @drejohnson1

cutee323 I’m really disappointed in the Ravens this year. Still and will always be a fan but they need to get it together. C-

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