Ever talk to your girls about a relationship that you know isn’t the best for you and their only response is “Girl! You need to just walk away.” Maybe it’s a situation  with a job or bad neighbor that plucks at your nerves. When is the best time to walk away from uncomfortable situations?

  • I find it a relief when I can simply walk away from situations that I find myself uncomfortable in:
  • An argument with a friend or loved one (when the lies and/or abuse won’t stop)
  • From a sale…you’re gonna put yourself in debt!
  • Someone else’s fight….innocent people always get hit in the crossfire!
  • When the job gets way too crazy..stomach hurts upon entering the building or you don’t find joy in it anymore.
  • It’s just not working out…
  • When you realized this has nothing to do with me.


Ask yourself if you’re getting anywhere. Obviously there is a difference in opinions. Decide if you are wasting your time trying to prove your point, or if there is a chance that the other person will change their mind.

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Take deep breaths and count to ten. Ignore what is being said and just give yourself a second to calm down. You must be able to keep a cool head in order to be able to walk away from the situation.


It’s not always easy but you have to think about the bigger picture. YOU! You are the most important factor in every situation. You are responsible for your family or your life and making a decision to “dig” into someone  to simply make a point or have the last word. Just walk away!

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