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79307963So….this is a touchy subject. Since I’m not a lesbian, nor a gay man, I’m alittle out of my league when I say that I think it’s perfectly ok to come out of the closet with your homosexuality. I have friends who are gay men and lesbian women and I love them and support them just the way I would my heterosexual friends.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that doesn’t embrace this lifestyle so how do you do it? How can you come out of the closet without fearing you will lose near and dear friends, colleagues, lovers, etc? At the same time, are you happy being hidden from your true self?

Without saying too much, I found some tips online that might help you take that giant leap toward FREEDOM of coming out the closet and revealing your TRUE YOU!



Consider the timing. If you’re going to spill the beans at Thanksgiving, do it after dinner, not before or while you’re passing the cranberry sauce. Someone’s gone to a lot of trouble to cook this meal, so first enjoy the turkey, and then raise the topic at the appropriate time.

Be realistic and anticipate what their reactions will be. Parents can sometimes surprise you and may not have any issues at all. They may even embrace you for being honest with them. 

Stay calm, even if your parents aren’t. You might have someone like Sally Field for a mother — her reaction to her son being gay was, “So the f*#% what?!” — but if your parents are more like mine, be ready for them to get angry, melodramatic and downright cruel. Don’t join in. Keep your cool and be the rational adult in this encounter.


You can always do this: (meant to be funny tips

Get a rainbow tattooed somewhere on your body.

Write a rap song and perform it.

Record your voice saying “I’m gay” in a build-a-bear and give it as a gift to your parents.



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