It’s very sad that in 2017, we’re hearing these stories likes this. According to Daily Mail, a Brazilian mom stabbed her son to death after he came out that he was gay. Originally, she had two men attack her son but when they would not kill him, she took things into her own hands. She, […]

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Beans caused more drama for himself by condemning the LGBT community.

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BadAzz doesn't have progressive views when it comes to homosexuality. He blames television's increasing presence of gay characters for influencing kids to be gay.

For many Black children born in the 1980s, Ben Carson is a hero. He is, as BuzzFeed’s Joel Anderson describes in a well-done profile about…

Ok so I don’t know about you but do we even wanna believe this one. Seems there is a rapper now claiming he had relations with Birdman to get his deal and he gets graphic and all with the details. You gotta see this one.     click here for full story Birdman Rejected At […]

It seems when it comes to love, sex and relationships there is one segment that is usually left out of the dialog … lesbians. We can be even more specific and say that conversation is even more limited when it comes to lesbians of color. Is this an oversight or do we not want to […]

Will anyone for that matter. Listen to us talk about this St. Louis man who set the Internet on fire. Would you date someone who…

Today is National HIV Testing Day. It’s a day that recognizes the importance of HIV/AIDS testing and our communities knowing their status (positive/negative). It’s not the most comfortable moment in your life (waiting for your results) but all jokes aside, it becomes the closes you’ll ever get to JESUS in your life! Check out  a […]

This past Sunday, openly gay rapper DDm made a major statement for the LGBT community when he appeared on 92Q’s Rap Attack Interactive with iiKane and Jay Claxton.  DDm kept it ALL THE WAY real and bravely faced callers’ opinions regarding homophobia and Hip Hop. LISTEN HERE: LIL SCRAPPY: ON FRANK OCEAN AND RAPPERS IN […]

So….this is a touchy subject. Since I’m not a lesbian, nor a gay man, I’m alittle out of my league when I say that I think it’s perfectly ok to come out of the closet with your homosexuality. I have friends who are gay men and lesbian women and I love them and support them […]

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When I tell you that the truth is more often stranger than fiction, I am so sincere. After becoming a YouTube celebrity with his famous…